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The Unsung Hero of Content Engagement: Graphic Design

Is our content truly engaging without graphic design? Research suggests it does not.

According to Forbes, content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without images, and social media posts with visuals get significantly higher engagement rates. In fact, content marketing is 45% less effective without use of graphics. 

Clearly, graphic design isn’t only about aesthetic value;

  • Powerful visuals have a profound psychological impact by improving audience engagement. 
  • Professionally created visuals can evoke emotions, stir positive memories, and influence decisions to buy, click to the next step, and close the sale.
  • Illustrations are powerful tools to capture and maintain your audience’s attention and get them to take action.
One of our valued clients, Microgravity Enterprises Inc., utilized graphic design to promote its availability to perform innovative science and technology experiments in zero-gravity utilizing small recoverable, reusable rockets.

Mike and the Lightspeed team created promotional items for their Antimatter Energy Drink.  Visual branding elements included a logo design, package design, store displays, posters and more. 

Authentically spaceflight-flown ingredients (electrolytes, yeast, spices, vitamins) were incorporated into these promotional beverage formulas, creating a unique selling proposition and campaign.

Additionally, Lightspeed created photographic digital montages, creatively manipulated public-domain NASA photographs that were incorporated into Microgravity’s website and in-store point-of-purchase displays, enhancing the overall experience for visitors.

CAPTION: Examples of custom graphics created for Microgravity Enterprise’s promotional beverage product Antimatter Energy Drink, included logotype (font creation), screen-printed packaging design (flexography on aluminum), website design (above), IceMan® retail barrel cooler (below), posters, ads, and much more. 

More and more brands are increasingly telling their stories through visually-captivating content. The transformation of content marketing into a visually-rich experience reflects evolving audience preferences. Content is now evaluated not only on the information it conveys, but also on the overall impact of the visual presentation.

In conclusion, graphic design is a strategic imperative in content marketing. It’s the key to captivating and engaging audiences, driving home the message and closing the sale.

You can enhance your connection and improve your bottom line by leveraging our expertise. Reach out to us today, and discover how Mike and the Lightspeed team can assist you in crafting the perfect best story, illustration, diagram, or photographic image to elevate your message and get the results you want and deserve.


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