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“Michael, wow, you nailed it. You hit a home run with this design. I knew from the first time I saw it that it was fantastic. You completed this project on time, within budget, and exceeded all my very high expectations.” —–– UPDATE (one year later): “Michael, your cover design has earned very high praises from my clients, partners, fans, and followers all over the world. I have worked with many designers and ad agencies for over 30 years. You out-performed all of them. You are the best value in the market today and the consummate professional to work with. I am looking forward to many great projects in the future with you.” — Frank Candy, CEO and President, American Speakers Bureau Corp.

“This is so exciting. We love our new logo. It’s a home run – it looks amazing! Now I can’t wait to see the aluminum 3D version as signage for our new offices. I’m thrilled!” – Alicia Utley, Infinite Tax Solutions

“love it… Love It… LOVE IT!!! Love the bag, love the blue-sky concept, love the shadowing… Way Cool. You totally nailed the concept! Thank you Mike!!!” – Marlene Bourne, President & Principal Analyst

“Culinary Software Services has worked with Mike and his team at Lightspeed for 18 years. Many of those years our revenue has increased up to 9% directly related to the marketing materials that Mike has designed. He has worked on dozens of direct mail and advertising pieces for us. I am extremely pleased with the results and will continue to use his services for our upcoming marketing needs.” – Brian Bennett, Partner, Culinary Software Services, Inc.

“WOW, you do such good work that any and all are fine with me… it is so hard to decide… which one do you like best? Wow – what a concept!” – Scott Reisfield, Active Life Pet Products

“It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Mike Hamers as an artist, a curator, and an impresario. I can vouch for his great leadership talents, which were on full display as he conceived, organized, promoted, and contributed his art to the “Art As Medicine” show. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Mike, and came to know what a valuable asset he is for any project. He is incredibly hard-working and brings deep integrity, creativity, and honesty to everything he works on. With no reservations whatsoever, I can recommend Mike to you for his skills as a communicator and his team-first spirit.” – Tom Cockerline, President, EPM Cairns

“If you want something done right, on time and within budget, Lightspeed Commercial Arts is the place to go. Over the years we have used them for logo design, website development and print collateral. We have been so pleased that we have referred many of our clients to Lightspeed. They were just as pleased!” – Larry L. Nelson, President, Talk Radio

“Mike, you are most welcome and you are the greatest designer for sure and a gem to work with!!!” – Linda Strine, President, Infinite Links, Inc.

“The website is terrific, Response from by agent, ‘That’s great!!’ Response from my fellow author friends has been over the top. They love the impact of the cover graphics and the passport stamps. Congratulations and thanks!” – Stephen Foehr, Author, Boulder, CO

“Mike, the website is great, great, great! Thanks so much! Really a nice layout and great color and so positive! Thank You.” – Alice Smiley, Monarch Louisville Counseling

“On behalf of Myogen and myself, I have wanted to thank you for the outstanding work you did on our behalf. The Myogen logo you developed for us played an important role in our success. The logo became a brand for us externally, my more importantly, internally. It very effectively symbolized and communicated to others who we were and what we did. We displayed it proudly and prominently in everything we did. With sincere thanks, Bill.” – J. William Freytag, Ph.D., Former CEO of Myogen

“Far above expectations, Mike delivered. He listened to our vision, presented options, and modified designs to ensure satisfaction. His CC&G image was utilized to secure a $5 million dollar contract for the Joint Venture managed by Corporate Allocation Services. Mike is true professional, who visualizes brands by incorporating personalities and business lines with color and design. Our relationship has stretched more than seven years as we also reached to Mike for web design and other project logos.” – Barbara Erisman, President, Corporate Allocation Services

“We all really like the graphics you made for the brochure! You did a great job of conveying the look and feel of the project through the design choices. We so appreciate all the hard work and creative talent that you have gifted to our project – thanks a million.” – Sharon Hoffman, Ph.D., On Bodies Documentary Film

“I extend my personal congratulations for an outstanding delivery of the IADC Drilling Manual. Working with our team, your dedication to the highest level of accuracy and clear display of information produced a valuable and professional product for our client. Your intense scrutiny of the details, re-creation of important information from dubious reference, and tedious hours checking the same are a testimony to your willingness to contribute to our company’s success and your ability to perform as a team player.” – Michael Fleming, CSP/Chairman, Decision Point Associates, Inc.

“Absolutely fantastic. This has got to be the coolest product label I’ve ever seen (referring to the Antimatter Energy Drink design). Possibly only topped by the other product label you designed for us.” – Richard Glover, President, Microgravity Enterprises