Serving Colorado for over 25 years

Michael Hamers — Founder Lightspeed Commercial Arts

Designer / Illustrator / Photographer / Typographer / Author

Mike has had a distinguished 40-year career in graphic design and illustration. Upon graduating from Milwaukee Area Technical College with an Associate’s degree in Commercial Art, Mike’s professional career as a technical illustrator began at Allis-Chalmers followed by Harley-Davidson, both in Milwaukee, WI. Working full-time by day, Mike continued his Fine Art education via night classes at the University of Wisconsin. There he focused on printmaking techniques, primarily stone lithography, with Master Tamarind Printer Anthony Stoeveken. He also studied modern art history with an emphasis on Dada and Surrealism.

Mike moved to Colorado in mid-1980s where he worked as a contract illustrator for Ball Aerospace. Projects he worked on at Ball included deep space & infrared telescopes, laser communication devices, and three concepts for the 9-ft bearings to rotate the solar panels on the International Space Station, to name a few. In 1990, he founded Lightspeed Commercial Arts, which recently celebrated 27 years of serving Colorado industries and entrepreneurs.

Some of Mike’s career highlights include:

  • Created the 1,300 page “Master Driller Manual” for the International Association of Drilling Contractors which included all page/table formatting plus rendering 700 technical line illustrations and preparing 400 photographs plus the print management;
  • The Mobile Oil Emergency Management System (procedures for terrorism, rig fires, kidnapping, accidental oil release, helicopter safety, etc.);
  • WIRED Magazine, three illustrations for articles (U.S. and German editions);
  • Won over 30 national and international awards for Logo Design and other areas including: Consumer Packaging, Stationery Design, Corporate Environmental Graphics, Typography, Logo Usage Guide, Illustration, and more. (For details, go to the AWARDS page.)


The Web Fellow – Steve Henry

Steve brings a small-business focus and an in-depth website expertise from his varied background in computer science / electrical engineering and 25+ year experience as a software and hardware developer and project manager at Hewlett-Packard and as an owner of a small business since 2012. Currently, as founder of “The Web Fellow” and develops websites and social media for medium and small-size businesses.

He and his small team develop a range of website and social media solutions ranging from one-page websites that easily help small business get started to complex forms data processing solutions.

Steve enjoys collaborating with clients to figure out just the right web site / social media solution and combination that makes a difference. He is also the holder of 14+ U.S./International patents in software and firmware.

Steve and Mike have created many successful websites together since December 2013.

Team Reprographics – Bruce Brinkman

Bruce Brinkman has 30 years experience in the Print Industry. During this time he has maintained a simple philosophy: “Customers always come first”. Printing is still a craft and needs to be treated as such. Print buyers should be able to do their jobs and not worry about being production managers. Every project is placed with the right equipment to ensure that all jobs will look their best and will be produced in the most cost effective way. Bruce is a great resource for ideas about unique print processes and finishing techniques that will really make your finished print materials stand out.

To ensure the most high-quality print production for your manuals and marketing materials we have upgraded both our color and black & white machines:

The J75 features automated press calibration utilizing an inline spectrophotometer. This ensures that your photos, and direct mail /marketing materials will be produced with the highest degree of color accuracy and detail.

The new Bizhub 1250P delivers unmatched high-resolution image quality and digital production power. Images rival offset printing with true 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution at a fraction of the cost are what make the 1250P the choice for any manual reproduction job especially those with high-coverage requirements, halftone images and black & white reproduction of color images.

Advanced auto-finishing options increase productivity and help to meet tight deadlines. On-line finishing options include multi-position stapling, hole punching, saddle-stitching and tri-folding.

Bruce and Mike have worked together on hundreds of projects spanning over more than 20 years.