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Before & After – Logo Facelift: “ChefTec® Software”

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ChefTec Software

CUSTOMER: Culinary Software Solutions, Boulder, CO

The ChefTec foodservice software is the flagship product of Culinary Software Services. All their other products are either add-on or extensions to the already super-powerful functionality of the product. Besides things like menu planning, recipe costing, catering budgets, and recipe scaling, the software also can perform other more advance functions. These include multi-site inventory, nutritional value information, barcode scanning, enterprise sharing, and online food ordering through Cysco and other suppliers.

The original logo got to looking quite flat and dated, lack-luster. The re-design was basically more of a facelift as we kept the same footprint and font, but we improved the rendering of the logo by adding a 3D effect with reflections, shading and shadows and a brighter, cleaner color palette. One benefit to the facelift approach is that the new logo could be implemented over time, incorporating it as new items were developed or old items needed reprinting.