Serving Colorado for over 25 years
Community / Organizations
A Good Earth Maintenance / Lawncare Rather than throw money away on SEO on the old site, we spent half the budget on a better redesigning using best practices and moved search results up to page 1!
Young Healthcare Acupuncture & Shiatsu This site is for a professional bodyworkers with pages for Clinic work, Injectables, Classes, Herbal Medicine, Hot Laser Therapy, and more.
Antimatter Energy Drink: A promo item for Microgravity Enterprises, had herbs, vitamins & minerals previously flown in zero-gravity space aboard a recoverable, reusable rocket.
CancerTalk USA The goal of this site was to create a support tool that is inspirational, visually appealing, user-friendly, and interactive to help cancer patients going through chemotherapy.
Christiansen Law
Dina Christiansen — Divorce Attorney We redesigned to add many more photos of people and improve colors and fonts. We also migrated Dina’s site to a new hosting service, and switched to WordPress. The site now works well on smart phones & tablets and utilizes cost-effective SEO.
Colorado Bioscience Association The challenge presented was to equally promote Colorado, the Research, and the Scientists doing the research work. The various vibrant photo trio sets combined with bold colors become both organizing elements and infuse enthusiasm.
Colorado RFID Association Each section has a uniqe photo banner that helps portray the vast real-world applications and diverse hardware developed by group members in this emerging technology.
Copper Leaf Event Center Developed a new website showcasing the beautiful offerings at the Copper Leaf Event Center. Site is fully responsive and includes an event calendar.
David Grojean, Artist This site is a work of art unto itself as it utilizes a grunge background to emulate the erratic yet beautiful textures of David Grojean’s multi-media work.
Metron Farnier: Smart Water Meters Developed a new website based on WordPress highlighting the company’s product offerings; Smart water meters for residential, commercial, industrial and fire service usage.
Monarch Olde Town Counseling This is a simple website start-up solution; a single landing page wit ha few critical links, to help Monarch reach new clients. The site uses good responsive design principles and integrates in a Google calendar for signups.
James Crowder – Mortgage Broker This project started with a brand/logo make-over. The site features functionality items, like a personalized mortgage loan estimate and real-time mortgage rates.
Rick Martin, PC – Patent Attorney Updated site with new branding and logo, designed to look good on tablets and other mobile devices, as well as traditional desktops.
Public Speaking For Money After designing the cover for Frank's new book, we then develop a sales-oriented website – fully Integrated with Infusionsoft and is fully responsive.
Space2O Enriched Water A promo item for Microgravity Enterprises, the drink had vitamins and minerals previously flown in zero-gravity space aboard a recoverable, reusable rocket.
Unity Church of Fort Collins We developed new WordPress website that is easy for church staff to maintain. Also we radically improved the color palette, font choices, main banner, and how the page spaces get used throughout the site.
WADSO We designed and implemented this non-profit’s website pro-bono, a non-profit for which Steve is on the board. I created the main banner and art directed the color and font choices, etc.
Ronnie Moore – Book Formatting This is a custom CCS site formatted to look good on mobile devices. It showcases the book formatting of owner Ronnie Moore.
World Sign Associates Significantly modified an existing template to work around a 3rd party development environment—used jQuery to add in visuals, videos, and provide a more modern look to the brand with an enhanced color palette.
Writing Alive to Empower Students This site is geared to teachers & school admin with a comprehensive writing system, Grades K–16, with downloadable curriculums, teacher tools, admin support, lessons, research results, tests, and more.
Zephyr Cleaning I worked with The Web Fellow to developed a new cleaner-looking website to help promote the exceptionally good housecleaning done by Karine and her team of Zephyr Cleaning in Idaho. Site is fully responsive and uses the DIVI theme with some customizations.